Using 2021 Resolutions for 2022

We are just over 3 months left in 2021 and I have a question for each of you: How are those 2021 resolutions working out to prepare you for 2022?

If the answer is somewhere between great and pretty good, keep up the great work!

If the answer is less than optimal, don’t fret, you can recover and begin working towards 2022 right now.

It is not too early to begin thinking about the year ahead, because we have seen how hard it is to keep up those New Year’s resolutions and commitments. The reason is because we typically do not put enough thought into how reasonable it is to sustain the promises we make to ourselves on January 1 every year.

So Try This

Revisit your 2021 resolutions and evaluate where and why things went off track.

Did you bite off more than you can chew?

Did you find you were not passionate about your resolution?

Did you let other people negatively persuade you to not stay committed?

Whatever the reason is, identify it and evaluate it.

Next, make the adjustments and try to pick back up for the remainder of 2021. If you do this, you will be primed to move into 2022 with great momentum and be able to make targeted adjustments to your 2022 goals and resolutions.

We are going to use the remainder of 2021 to prime you for 2022. January 1 every year is a great time to reevaluate our goals and aspirations. But it is just a date. There are no rules that say we cannot begin our road to self-improvement right now.

More to follow…

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