Corporate Experiences

Corporate Experiences

Ice Cold Leader hosts a variety of corporate experiences designed for teams and organizations aspiring to create and maintain a culture of leadership and excellence.

Corporate experiences are highly customizable, and tailored according to the desires and needs of each client. 

The Forum: Leadership & the Wim Hof Method

Mastery of leadership takes practice and commitment. There is no better way to understand how the key elements of leadership impact you directly than cold exposure, breathing, and mindset; the three pillars of the Wim Hof Method. This experience will teach you how to master the critical elements of leadership, identify and manage stress, and how to influence and strengthen your autonomic nervous system and innate immune system.

If you are looking for a leadership experience that provides a nice relaxing day at the beach, this isn’t for you! This experience will tax you mentally, physically, and emotionally. If you are willing to endure and sacrifice, the “Hell Day” will teach you about yourself, your team, and how it’s possible to come together and thrive under the most grueling and chaotic circumstances.

Leadership on the Streets of NYC

Learn my battle tested, tried and true leadership process and immediately put it to the test in and around the streets of New York City. Apply the process and find success in challenges you’ve likely never experienced before…unless of course you were once a Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent. Once you leave this experience you will see the power of the leadership process in every aspect of your life both personally and professionally. 

Additional Keynote and Webinar Topics:

Tell Me More About Corporate Experiences…

Go far beyond a “team building” event with an Ice Cold Leader Corporate Experience. Any one of Ice Cold Leader’s events will create an Esprit De Corps far beyond anything you can imagine. But they will do much more than that. Ice Cold Leader will introduce you to a tried and true, battle tested leadership process that creates a common leadership language for your team to begin working from. Events are focused on the leadership process so every experience is geared toward learning and implementation. Moreover, if you choose to participate in the “Ice Cold Leader Pre-Work” (recommended, but not mandatory) you and your team will already have a working knowledge of the process and the event can be focused on solving your team’s specific challenges.

Events last anywhere from one to five days and can be adjusted as necessary to meet your specific needs and desires.

Take a look at three featured corporate experiences with Ice Cold Leader

The Select Group High Performance Experience – 2018

Hughes Engineering Leadership Experience – 2019

The Select Group Leadership Retreat for Executive Management – 2017

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