My Battle with an Invisible Injury

I have been battling Traumatic Brain Injury for more than 20 years. An intense focus on leadership and personal wellness saved me. Now I am sharing my journey to help others.

My Story

Leadership and Wellness Saved my Life

In the late 90’s I suffered a series of traumatic brain injuries during my time as a Navy SEAL Platoon Commander. I didn’t understand the gravity of my injuries at the time, and pieced my life back together slowly over the years, all the while experiencing symptoms and side effects of my TBI’s.

I have devoted my life to leadership and wellness. In 2021, my TBI’s came to light and I am currently in treatment to heal my TBI’s. The impact of my treatment protocol cannot be understated and I have made it my mission to share my story and get this natural, non-pharmaceutical treatment in the hands of Veterans and Active Military Members worldwide.

Read more about my journey with TBI below!

My Journey with TBI Blog Series

365 Days @36.5 Degrees Saved My Life

At this time last year, I was beyond frustrated at the state of affairs in the world as my son celebrated his seventh birthday in our driveway without any of his friends because of COVID lockdowns. I was furious. But what I did not like most of all was my response to the things that were happening…

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My Journey with TBI: The Beginning of Worthiness

This blog series is about my newfound journey with Traumatic Brain Injury, also known as TBI. Throughout this series over the coming weeks and months, I will outline the many major head injuries I have suffered, the effects they have on me without me even knowing it, my realization that I have a problem, the struggle…

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My Journey with TBI: Invisible Injury and Shame

As I stood before the medical review board convened to assess my injuries from a series of falls while I was in the SEAL Teams, and determine what, if any, financial compensation I should receive as a result of these invisible injuries, I was immediately confronted with shame: “Lt. Doebler, I have to say we…

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My Journey with TBI: Share to Find Answers

Let me begin with the bottom line up front: if you are looking for answers, looking for purpose, or looking for support, the best thing you can do for yourself is share. Share your journey. Share your situation. Share! In my previous blog in this series, “My Journey with TBI: Invisible Injury and Shame”, I…

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Discover How You Can Help

Learn more about how you can help Veterans and Active Duty Military personnel currently suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries

How Am I Healing My TBI?

In February 2021, I began TBI treatment, and have seen astounding improvement in my TBI’s. The treatment I was given combines regenerative therapies – including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, intranasal platelet rich plasma therapy, and intranasal stem cell therapy – with supplementary nutritional modalities.

Benefits of The TBI Therapy Protocol

  • Improved attention, cognition, memory, and concentration*
  • Stabilize emotional psychology*
  • Manage activities of daily life*
  • Diminish light and sound sensitivity and head pain*
  • Enhance libido and sleep*

*Results may vary, no guarantee of specific results

Let’s stop medicating our veterans suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and let’s start HEALING them.

Today’s VA treatments for TBI do not actually heal the brain but simply address post-concussive symptoms.  Most of these current VA treatments for vets and active military fail to correct memory or cognitive challenges, fail to enhance quality of life, and do not prevent depression and suicide. 

However, a new, superior TBI treatment protocol is being developed.

Sign the Petition to contact your Congressman or Senator TODAY to get naturally healing TBI remedies in the hands of Veterans and Active Duty Military.

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